Lifestyle cancer: Short story

Healthy diets help each individual’s health and enhance their immune system its daily routines. Daily routines? What does it mean? These are some interesting facts related to Cancer and Diet.

Cancer is defined as uncontrolled growth. They are classified based on the tissue where they originate. It’s not very easy to understand for a layman in the life science field. I will share with you some tips to relate this lump into our daily routines.

Let us talk about the importance of Vegetables – High fiber and Low-Fat diets in our daily comsumption plans which directly affect the possibilities of occurrence of cancer, especially Colon cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostate cancer, Liver cancer, and Stomach Cancer. Other than in the case of Lung cancer the diet plans, proportionally high red meat consumption, low fiber, and obesity diets resulting in this cancerous trigger to launch in our body.

So we have a choice in front of us to live healthy just have a perfect diet plan. We will help you to reach out to this. Consumption of raw veggies, Low-fat products, reducing red meat, contributes to help us to stay safe from this trigger.

A Healthy family empowers the nation by the perfect diet and energize the overall development of the nation as well. On these quarantine days,  just include these raw veggies with fiber and fruits especially Apple, banana, mango and orange, which helps us to stay cool in the inside as well as the outside.

I hope you are doing well and all your loved ones are safe and sound.

Watch this space for more such informative  articles.



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