India's first algal-seaweed based food products

Our Vision

To ensure the availability of healthy and balanced diets to the global population while eradicating global hunger and malnutrition through the manufacture of healthy and environmental friendly FMCG products based on natural ingredients.

Our Mission

The production and sale of high quality food products by incorporating natural ingredients of high nutritional value and facilitate their availability to the masses at affordable prices.


B Lite Cookies – Launched by a group of aspiring studentpreneurs.

An idea becomes a design project for college students. But to push such an idea to a startup level is an enduring task accomplished by a group of studentpreneurs from Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology by developing algae and seaweed based B Lite Cookies.

India's first algal food production company started by engineering students.

It’s easy to forget that our body is the “home” we’ll live in for as long as we are alive. Some shingles may fall off the roof and the foundation may even shift, but we have to make it work. You can patch holes and paint walls, keep things clean and make things look nice, but neglecting the structure of the house will lead to long term problems. 

Ideas that spread win

“India’s First Algal Based Cookies”,“Feeding the nation forward”

Researching in the field of Transforming tablets to Nutritious food. We are already Launched our Product B’lite Organic Spirulina Cookies at the Indian Council of Agriculture and Research Head Quarters, New Delhi. Also, we got appreciation from the Global Goals Model United Nations at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


Complete family care !