About Us

Know A Tale Of Our Story.

Our Vision

To ensure the availability of healthy and balanced diets to the global population while eradicating global hunger and malnutrition through the manufacture of healthy and environmental friendly FMCG products based on natural ingredients.

Our Mission

The production and sale of high quality food products by incorporating natural ingredients of high nutritional value and facilitate their availability to the masses at affordable prices.

Without Algae , we would not have life on this planet! Do you agree?


We Take It from Nature

It’s easy to forget that our body is the “home” we’ll live in for as long as we are alive. Some shingles may fall off the roof and the foundation may even shift, but we have to make it work. You can patch holes and paint walls, keep things clean and make things look nice, but neglecting the structure of the house will lead to long term problems. Similar to maintaining our homes, an important part of maintaining our bodies is learning to focus on structure, not just aesthetics. 

Chocolate, Butter, Salt……but its still very healthy

Yes, now you can experience your favoraite tastes without compermising on health, infact it actually makes you healthier. B’lite is the 100% Zero Cholestrol cookie, we also strictly avoids white sugar and  Preservatives. So Basically your favoraite tastes, now made healthier. Just for you

Why , Because you are family

We Rely On Quality

Each ingredient in the cookie is added in specific ratios , mixed deligately to ensure homogenity and uniformity of taste. Fresh delecious choco chips are added and the cookies perfectly baked to appease your taste buds.

At Zaara Biotech , We strive hard to deliver food of the highest quality to our customers without compermising on taste, because yo are family.

Because you are family

Designed by our team of dedicated experts to assured health and nutrition to you, each B’lite cookies is made using pure and chemical free organic ingredients of extrem quality. The ingredients used are selected specifically to assure maximum health benefits and peace of mind to you.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Quality and Health


Eating healthy foods and getting the proper amounts of exercise and sleep will keep your foundation strong and help it hold up over the long haul. So, when it feels like there is no time to exercise, prepare a healthy meal, or meet the demands of your children or other loved ones, remember to make time for your own self-care. You are not the only one who will ultimately suffer if your health fails prematurely—your loved ones will as well.

Najeeb Bin Haneef

Founder and CEO

"It was one of my passion to provide quality food products to customers to deliver needful nutritious properties which is lacking in the current food we consume".


Complete family care